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Adoptions year to date Adoptions in 2013
  Cats 7   Cats 13
  Dogs 97   Dogs 206

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Help APAWS raise money to purchase pet oxygen mask sets for Baton Rouge area fire department trucks! For more information about this fundraiser please visit our Pet Oxygen Masks Page.

We are proud to announce we raised enough to supply all of the St. George fire trucks with pet oxygen mask kits. We are currently working on supplying kits for Brownsfield (2 kits), Alsen (1 kit) and Chaneyville (2 kits).

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Our most recent special needs animal is featured here. For updates on other special needs animals go here.
Annabelle was found by an APAWS volunteer Saturday, March 22nd. She was holding her back leg up and was obviously in pain. It took a little while, but our volunteer was able to gain her trust. We immediately brought her to the Baton Rouge Pet Emergency clinic to find out how extensive her injuries were. We found out her femur was broken, but no other injuries were found. The break required surgery in order to repair it. The vet gave her medication for pain and put her on crate rest until the surgery could be performed.

Wednesday, March 26th the surgery to repair her leg was performed at Bluebonnet Veterinary Hospital. Once the vet began the surgery, he realized the break was about two weeks older than previously thought. This made the surgery more difficult for the vet and more painful for Annabelle. The vet also found buckshot in her hip and backside. The vet was not able to get the buckshot out because she couldn't be under anesthesia any longer. She is now resting comfortably in her foster home. It will take a while for her leg to fully heal, but she is expected to fully recover.

We anticipate the cost of the emergency vet visit and the surgery to be approximately $1,500. Both clinics gave us a considerable discount and are working with us on payment. We would like to pay them as soon as possible. If you would like to donate for Annabelle's care, please use this link: Donate for Annabelle!