APAWS has many animals available for adoption. We hope you will consider adopting an animal instead of purchasing one from a breeder on the side of the road or from a pet store.

All of our animals have received any necessary veterinary care. You will be provided with all medical information as we know it upon adoption.

Cats Available
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Dogs Available
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Making the match between an animal and their forever home is what all of our volunteers hope for. We would like to share our recent success with you.
Adoptions year to date
Cats 14
Dogs 55
Adoptions in 2016
Cats 8
Dogs 107
Adoptions in 2015
Cats 20
Dogs 239
Adoptions in 2014
  Cats 12
  Dogs 212
Adoptions in 2013
  Cats 13
  Dogs 206
Adoptions in 2012
  Cats 21
  Dogs 148
Adoptions in 2011
  Cats 32
  Dogs 151
Adoptions in 2010
  Cats 33
  Dogs 172
Guinea Pigs 3
Adoptions in 2009
  Cats 38
  Dogs 220
Guinea Pigs 3
Adoptions in 2008
  Cats 106
  Dogs 286
Adoptions in 2007
  Cats 127
  Dogs 321