Board of Directors

APAWS board members are elected during the December meeting. The board term begins January 1 and runs until December 31. During the first meeting of January the primaries are elected and chairpersons are designated by the newly elected president.

2015 Board

President Diane Amoroso
Vice President Emily Harris
Secretary Jade Olivier
Treasurer Alisa Polk
Directors Rachael Gallodoro
  Gay Grimes
  Margaret Joiner
  Yvette LaBauve
  Kelly Parrish

2014 Chairpersons

Dog Foster Chair Kelly Parrish
Dog Foster Co-chair Diane Amoroso
Cat Foster Chair Emily Harris
Cat Foster Co-chair Alisa Polk
Fundraising Chair Rachael Galladoro
Fundraising Co-Chair Jade Olivier
Social Networking Chair Jade Olivier
Social Networking Co-Chair Rachael Gallodoro
Telephone and Voicemail Chair Margaret Joiner
Volunteer Chair Heather Alfinito
Volunteer Co-Chair Morgan Middleton

Updated February 26, 2014