Unfortunately our adoption fee does not cover the cost of vet care for our animals. In addition to vet care we must provide food, litter and toys. We rely on private donations to support our efforts. All donations are completely tax deductible since APAWS is a 501(c)3 charity with the IRS. If you need documentation of your donation please send a request with your donation. We are happy to provide any information you need in order to claim your donation as a deduction.

If you donate to us, please let us know if you would like to be mentioned on our Supporters page. We greatly appreciate all of our donors and want to show your support publicly. Please send an email to our treasurer and your support will be displayed!

If you prefer to not donate online please mail your donation to:

PO Box 40981
Baton Rouge, LA 70835

Donate monthly through If you can spare a little each month it would be a great help to our fosters! You can cancel at any time. We truly appreciate anything you can give.
The available options are:
  $5.00 - one cat or dog vaccination   $30.00 a month - one FIV/FeLv combo test
  $10.00 a month - one rabies tag   $35.00 a month - one spay or neuter
  $15.00 a month - one veterinary exam   $40.00 - one x-ray
  $20.00 a month - one prescription   $50.00 - two heartworm tests
  $25.00 a month - one heartworm test   $75.00 - two spays or neuters and one vaccination

If you are unable to give money there are several things we need. If you have something animal related that is not on this list please contact us, we can probably use it! Don't forget even items donated can be claimed as deductions on your taxes.

Cages (dog and cat)
Carriers (dog and cat)
Cat litter
Dog collars and leashes
Gas cards (with the rising gas costs our volunteers are spending more and more of their own money to rescue animals from outlying parishes)

Do you have any items that aren't animal related? Please bring them to Here Today Gone Tomorrow on Burbank. This thrift store graciously donates half of the sale price of any item marked for APAWS. When donating your items please mark your items with the number 635. This will flag them to support APAWS.

Updated November 15, 2011