Boo - Black Mouth Cur
Update - 3/13/2008: Last night we learned Boo had lymphoma. This disease is extremely hard to treat in dogs and the few chemo treatments that are effective only prolong the life of the dog for a few months. Based on the information received about the severity of his case we felt chemo would only prolong his suffering keeping him alive just so we didn't have to let him go. The volunteers involved spent the night crying and trying to think of the miracle that would save him, but they decided to put him to rest before he could feel anymore pain. Boo is one of the rare instances where the most humane thing is to let them go. Although Boo's foster mom and the APAWS volunteers feel little solace in knowing everything that could be done was done we know Boo is at peace.

Update - 3/12/2008: He has severe pnemonia and the lining of his small and large interstinal walls are twice as thick as they should be. This morning they aspirated his liver and lungs and sent several tests to be run. The LSU vet believes it to be Lymphoma in the small intestines or a fungal infection of the intestines.

Update - 3/11/2008: Boo has been transferred to the LSU vet clinic after passing blood clots this morning. Our vet felt LSU was better equiped to figure out what is happening with this sweet boy. On the ride to LSU Boo was alert. LSU required an $800 deposit prior to running any tests. We are having to leave some of our other bills unpaid in order to afford this deposit. We just hope LSU will figure out what is going on with Boo and he will be able home to come home this weekend.

Boo is a young black mouth cur. He came to APAWS as a very small puppy, was adopted and then returned because the other dogs in the family didn't like him. He is now at the awkard adolescent stage between a cute cuddly puppy and a full grown dog. The evening of Friday, March 7 2008 Boo's foster mom found him covered in blood. She rushed him to the vet thinking he had hurt himself. Boo had no external injuries, but was losing blood as diarrhea. He was also in severe shock with his temperature approximately nine degrees lower than normal. The vet sent Boo to the pet emergency clinic where he remained on an IV throughout the evening. Sunday Boo began vomitting blood. The blood work at the pet emergency clinic indicated an extremely low white blood cell count and abnormal liver enzymes. The vets who have seen him this weekend aren't sure what is wrong, but they are sure it is something with his liver. Boo needs more extensive testing done this week, most likely consisting of an ultrasound and/or biopsy. APAWS is still struggling to pay for the vet care received for our other special needs animals, Boo's emergency will make our budget very tight. We are dedicated to finding a way to give this little guy every hope possible.


Buster the DSH
Buster is an example of how much an animal can suffer due to neglect. Buster was left at a local thrift store when his owner was dropping off donations. The thrift store managment did not call anyone to rescue him and they banned their employees from putting out food and water. Buster stayed in the warehouse for a month without access to food and clean water. An APAWS volunteer happened to be shopping when she overheard the employees talking about the cat in the back. She was able to catch him and brought him to the vet. Buster was in liver failure when he was found. He passed away on Friday, July 25, 2008 in the arms of his foster mom. APAWS tried very hard to save him, he had a feeding tube and was receiving food every couple hours. He had an infection of unknown origin which was being aggressively treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately the neglect suffered was too much for him and he is now at peace.