Message from Ernie's foster mom - The vet released Ernie from her care and felt he was healthy enough to undergo his neuter. We wanted to get his neuter done as soon as possible so he could go up for adoption and into his forever home! On March 15, 2011 I brought Ernie into the vet office for his neuter. While checking him in I held him as he purred and showed all the techs how well his tummy had healed. Later that day a tearful vet called me to let me know Ernie passed away during surgery. He did fine during the surgery, but when they started bringing him out of the anesthesia he wouldn't start breathing on his own. The vet and her staff tried to resuscitate him for 30 minutes using CPR and epinephrine. I know they did everything they could and his death was unforeseen. He overcame many obstacles and won the heart of everyone he met. Through all of his pain he never stopped purring and was a true joy. I'm thankful he passed under anesthesia and never felt any pain. The staff at Old Hammond Vet Hospital, especially Dr. Liz, were very supportive and I know he was surrounded by love when he passed. I'm glad we had a chance to help him, I just wish he wouldn't have left so soon.

Update - Ernie is doing really well! He has been released from the vet and only Erniehas a couple small scabs left. He is now a normal weight and is able to play with the other foster kitties. He enjoys playing, but mostly enjoys lounging on a soft cat bed and watching the activity in the house.


ErnieOn February 17, 2011 one of our volunteers was approached by her neighbor. A kitten was hiding near his house and he thought the kitten was injured. He saw a mass hanging under the kitten and assumed he had been hit by a car. Our volunteer was able to put the kitten in a carrier and upon closer inspection she realized the mass was actually a large amount of fecal matter. She also noticed the kitten was very thin. The kitten was immediately brought to our cat foster co-chair to determine if emergency vet care was required.

Our cat foster chair and co-chair began cleaning the kitten. After removing some of the fecal matter that was on his body they saw several maggots and what appeared to be broken skin. They immediately put him in a carrier and brought him to Baton Rouge Pet Emergency. He was seen immediately and their fears were confirmed. He is missing a large amount of skin on his abdomen. There is too much missing skin to attempt sutures. He also has a laceration on his back and inflamed skin around his rectum and genitals. It will probably take several weeks for his wounds to heal. The veterinarian cleaned him up and prescribed three different medications, including oral and topical antibiotics. We were then able to get him to his foster home.

He is certainly in a lot of pain, but seems very happy to be inside! He immediately crawled into the bed given to him and curled up purring. Under his fluffy fur he is skin Ernieand bones. He has obviously not eaten properly in a very long time. We estimate his age to be between 3 and 4 months. He does have fleas, but no intestinal worms! He has been treated for the fleas and is on antibiotics. He is also getting frequent cleanings of his abdomen with antibacterial ointment applied. The vet is mostly worried about keeping the area clean and getting some food into him! He is also a bit dehydrated so sub-q fluids will be given until he is able to stay hydrated.

Through all of this he is happy to have attention and has been a very good patient. We decided to name him Ernie because he is the first special needs rescue that we have taken in since a couple of weeks ago when we were privileged to meet and have dinner with Ernie Hudson. Mr. Hudson was kind enough to donate autographs pictures to help with our Ghostbusters fundraiser. While meeting him we found him to be a first class gentleman and just all around great guy. So, in honor of Mr. Ernie Hudson we have named this very special boy Ernie!



Update 4/13/2011 - Lizzie passed away. The parvo was too much for her little body.

Lizzie was rescued from Ascension Parish Animal Control. She was doing very well with no apparent illness at her foster home. She was in the process of getting her first vet visit when the Ascension Parish Animal Control called the volunteer who rescued her. Her litter mate who was adopted from the facility came down with Parvo. Cypress Lake Animal Hospital was kind enough to work her in for an immediate Parvo test. She unfortunately tested positive for Parvo. Since the symptoms have not yet started we feel confident she has a good chance of beating this horrible disease!

Lizzie is hospitalized at Cypress Lake Animal Hospital. The estimate of her bill is $278 - $378. That estimate could go up if she begins having complications. If you would like to help with Lizzie’s parvo treatment please consider donating.

Rosie and her brother Roscoe were rescued by a kind woman from a man trying to shoot them. They were immediately brought to the vet and examined. The vet determined they were about 8 months old and in good health. Their spay/neuter appointments were scheduled. After their spay and neuter the incisions would not stop bleeding. After much research and testing the vet determined that they more than likely came in contact with rat poison causing their blood to lose the ability to clot. The vet administered drugs to help the blood clot, but those take time to work. We aren't sure if Rosie consumed more of the poison, or if she bled more because the spay is more invasive than the neuter. Rosie passed away the evening of her spay, January 14, 2010, at the emergency clinic.
Sassy was found as a stray. The person who found her could not keep her because she did not get along with her other cats and was Sassyurinating on the floor. She came into the group and was tested to find she had a urinary infection. She was given medication and was doing well for a while then started urinating on the floor of her foster home. Sassy was brought back to the vet to determine whether she had another UTI. Unfortunately what we hoped would have been a simple urinary infection turned out to be cancer. Sassy has a tumor on her kidney. The vet stated due to her age it would not be safe to remove her kidney. We will have her re-evaluated to determine our best course of action. Because of this situation Sassy cannot be adopted out and will remain in our group for the rest of her life to obtain the supportive care she needs.
APAWS was contacted to help with a very special kitten. Wobble is deaf and has mild cerebral hypoplasia. This causes her to do a Stevie Wonder head bob and run more like a ferret than a cat. Although she is faced with difficult problems, she doesn't seem to mind. As far as she's concerned she's normal and everyone else has a problem!

Updated February 16, 2012