Update February 15, 2012 - Unfortunately everything was just too much for her body. Dixie passed away the evening of February 15th. We are sad to see her go this way, but we tried everything we could. We are thankful for the caring treatment she recieved at Garden District Animal Clinic.

Update February 14, 2012 - Dixie's foster mom found blood coming out of her mouth. Dixie was rushed to the vet where they determined she has blood in her lungs. The vet isn't sure what is causing it, it could be she threw an embolism or cancer. The vet was not able to get her blood to clot with medication, so a blood transfusion was done the evening of the 14th. The transfusion is the last thing they can try, if it doesn't work there isn't anything else that can be done. We hope Dixie pulls through, she deserves much more time of being a happy dog!

Dixie was found starving and suffering from large mammary tumors. We discovered she had been used for breeding, Mardi Pawsand once she could no longer be bred, her owner had no use for her and abandoned her to die. We felt this senior girl deserved a chance at just being a dog!

In her short time with us, she has put on weight and is no longer emaciated. She also had two surgeries to remove the mammary tumors. We don't think she'll need another one, but only time will tell. Throughout this entire experience, she has proven to be a loving and sweet dog, and maybe for the first time, she seems to be enjoying her life. Due to her advanced age we aren't expecting her to be adopted. If she isn't, she will remain with her foster mom who will love her and care for her until she passes naturally.

Dixie's vet care to this point totals $1,342.65, which includes a very generous discount from the vet. We value all of our animals and want to ensure that they have the best quality of life that we can provide. We would greatly appreciate the help and support of anyone able to donate in support of Dixie's vet bills. If you would like to donate, please click here.

PeanutWe were contacted at 10:00pm on February 4th about an 8 week old puppy having seizures. We immediately authorized the puppy to go to the Baton Rouge Pet Emergency Clinic. Peanut's body temperature was a very low 92.5, she was constantly seizing and her bloodwork showed severe anemia. The veterinary staff did everything they could to stabilize her, but she was already too far gone. At 1:30 AM on February 5th we made the decision to euthanize her. She was beginning to show signs of severe brain damage and the vet was concerned she was about to go in a coma. The medical opinion was she was suffering greatly and there was nothing that could be done to save her.
TippyTippy was surrendered to APAWS because her mom was dying of brain cancer. As an older girl no one wanted to adopt her. She was in a foster home where she was loved and cared for. She began showing signs of illness and was brought to the vet. The vet initially noticed she was experiencing jaundice from liver failure. After trying supportive care for a couple weeks she wasn't getting any better. The second exam showed she had cancer. The cancer was too advanced for any treatment. She had a couple more days with her foster mom, we then made the decision to euthanize her. She was well loved by her first mom and her foster mom! Tippy passed away February 21, 2012.
Weeble was rescued from a military base when a woman witnessed several young boys beating her with sticks.Weeble She suffered permanent brain damage from the beating. Weeble is a little unsteady on her feet and bobs her head uncontrollably. Her vision is also impaired because it takes longer for the signals from her eyes to register in her brain. She was only 10 to 12 weeks when rescued. The vet discovered she had been shot with pellets in addition to being beaten in her short life. She has been on antibiotics and receiving supportive care for the past couple months. She is doing better, but will have permanent motor coordination issues due to her head injuries. Like most rescued animals she is very sweet and craves love even after such a rough start. She loves climbing into her foster mom's lap and being cuddled, she purrs like a motorboat whenever she is held. Weeble is a very unique and happy kitty who thinks she is completely normal!

Updated January 30, 2013