February 2010

February is synonymous with love because of Valentine's day. Don't forget your furry friends who give you true unconditional love on this holiday. This Valentine's Day would be a great day to give your furry friend an extra treat!

New Petango Store

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to order your pet meds and benefit APAWS? There is a new Petango store providing excellent prices on common pet medications and supplies. Please select APAWS - Animal Protection and Welfare Society from the drop down list of shelters when checking out. Every purchase benefits our animals!

Krewe of Mutts Parade

Thank you to everyone who stopped by during the Krewe of Mutts parade! Our volunteers had a great time and enjoyed seeing our previous adoptees. In addition to having a great time we also made enough money to put a dent in our vet bills. We look forward to seeing everyone next year.

Fundraisers being planned

Our new board is trying to form a fundraising subcommittee. We are looking for animal lovers interested in helping with our fundraisers. We need people to volunteer at the various events and we need people to spread the word! We can only continue to help animals in the Baton Rouge area with financial support. Our goal is to do fundraisers that are fun for the participants!

If you are interested in helping with future fundraisers please send an email to fundraising@apawspets.org. Be sure to include your name, contact information, any special talents and how involved you would like to be. Our fundraising chairperson will contact you soon!

Events currently being planned/in progress:

Valentine's day raffle - Please see an APAWS representative on an adoption day to purchase a ticket. Enter to win one of two one-hour massages, a relaxation-themed gift basket for you or a small basket of dog treats for your furry valentine! $5.00 per chance - Drawing on February 13, 2010 - You need not be present to win - Massage courtesy of Babette Debarros of Biossage.

Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen - Come eat at California Pizza Kitchen and present this flyer on Tuesday, March 2, 2010. APAWS will receive 20% of your total! This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a family dinner without having to clean up afterwards and support a great cause.

Fun Run/Walk - Currently being planned for later this year. Watch our website and newsletters for more information!

Special Needs Animals

APAWS takes in many "special needs" animals that require much more time, vet care and TLC than most other rescues. Foster homes are needed for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, special needs and not. APAWS provides all food, medical care, anything needed, you just provide a safe and caring temporary home. Funds are desperately needed so that we can continue to help those who are in desperate need through no fault of their own. Remember, your donation is 100% tax deductible. Please go to apawspets.org and volunteer, make a monetary donation or check out our wish list...you could be saving a precious life!

Ice Princess

Ice Princess was rescued from a Louisiana animal control on January, 8, 2010. We had an approved adopter looking for a siberian husky, they viewed her on the animal control's website and said they wanted to adopt her. APAWS pulled her from the animal control and immediately brought her for a health check. She appeared healthy and we assumed she would go directly from the vet's office to her new home. Unfortunately her health check revealed she had a severe case of parvo. At her estimated ten months old she should have already been vaccinated against this horrible disease, but she wasn't. She had a guarded prognosis due to the severity of the parvo and her low weight. She weighed 30 pounds which is very thin for her size.

Our volunteers worked closely with the diagnosing veterinarian providing her the necessary supportive care. At one point her fever jumped to 107.7 and we feared she wouldn't make it much longer. We are happy to report she has fully recovered! She did lose weight during her fight, her lowest weight was 22 pounds. Our volunteers are working hard to feed her food that is both tasty and easy on her recovering stomach.

Ice Princess is truly a miracle. She overcame a horrible disease, obvious abuse/neglect in her past and being dumped at a truck stop. Our volunteers are now working with the family who wanted to adopt her to get her ready for their home. They are ready to feed her the boiled chicken and liver she seems to thrive on along with her puppy kibble. They are also ready to provide her the extra attention and love she needs as a dog that was previously abused.

We are very happy Ice Princess is our first miracle of the year!

Ice Princess 1/8/2010

Ice Princess 1/27/2010


Weeble was rescued from a military base when a woman witnessed several young boys beating her with sticks. She suffered permanent brain damage from the beating. Weeble is a little unsteady on her feet and bobs her head uncontrollably. Her vision is also impaired because it takes longer for the signals from her eyes to register in her brain.

She was only 10 to 12 weeks when rescued. The vet discovered she had been shot with pellets in addition to being beaten in her short life. She has been on antibiotics and receiving supportive care for the past couple months. She is doing better, but will have permanent motor coordination issues due to her head injuries.

Like most rescued animals she is very sweet and craves love even after such a rough start. She loves climbing into her foster mom's lap and being cuddled, she purrs like a motorboat whenever she is held. Weeble is a very unique and happy kitty who thinks she is completely normal!


Our ultimate goal with every rescue is that we heal their physical and emotional wounds and find them a permanent home. Unfortunately, sometimes the only thing we can do is give the animal a safe and comfortable passing. The illness or neglect they suffered before help was found was too much for their body to handle or they were at an advanced age and tossed aside because their family wanted a younger, healthier animal. Although they did not have their permanent family, they did have a family and humans to love them. We do not have a shelter, all of our fosters are housed in foster homes and are treated with the same care and love as the personal animals in the home. Please visit our Memorials page, the animals listed here have left this Earth, but live forever in our hearts.