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October 2009

We are pleased to announce we earned $1397.52 on our jambalaya fundraiser on September 12th. We appreciate everyone who donated towards supplies and everyone who came out and bought a dinner. We hope you enjoyed the food!

APAWS is competing for a $20,000 grant. Please visit www.theanimalrescuesite.com every day through December 20, 2009 and vote for APAWS. If you would like a daily reminder email please subscribe to our apawsclicks email list here http://apawspets.org/list/?p=subscribe.

Please pick up Coffee News available at Baton Rouge restaurants. Each issue features an adoptable APAWS pet!

We invite everyone to visit our Financials page to see how APAWS utilizes our funds. Our group focuses on quality over quantity. Instead of helping several healthy animals we choose to give every animal a chance. Because of this decision we have several special needs animals in our group. These animals can be expensive, but they have the same right to a healthy, happy life all animals have.

APAWS will walk as a team in the PurpleStride 5k walk/run for pancreatic cancer on October 17, 2009. This is a pet friendly walk/run. We invite you to join with your canine companion! Please visit our team page to register. Registration is $20 for an adult, free for children 12 and under, free for pancreatic cancer survivors and $5 for a dog.

We are happy to report Elsie, featured in our last email, has put on a healthy amount of weight. She looks nothing like the emaciated dog we initially took in. The cat from East Baton Rouge Animal Control is doing well, we are providing supportive care and she is very happy and comfortable. Vinnie is still waiting on his surgery, he continues to be a happy, playful puppy. Timmy only has two splint changes left! He is doing very well the splint doesn't keep him from being an active kitten.

We have taken in a few more special needs animals.

Eros is a maltese/pomeranian mix. He was surrendered to our group with his brother and sister. Their initial vet check showed that Eros has a severe heart murmur. His siblings were healthy and have been adopted! Eros is under the care of the veterinary cardiologist at LSU. He has a severe valvular pulmonic stenosis with secondary severe right ventricular hypertrophy. In plain English the valve going to his lungs does not open properly and forces his heart to work harder to push blood through it, this is causing him to have very high blood pressure. He is currently on blood thinners as he becomes old enough to have the necessary surgery. His surgery is estimated to cost $2,000 to $2,500.
Simon - Our Cat Foster Chair received a call regarding a kitten that was hit by a car at an apartment complex. Upon arriving at the rental office the maintenance man for the complex brought the kitten out. He stated that while he was on the property he saw a car hit the kitten. The kitten could not get up and was struggling to get out of the road when another car intentionally swerved to run over the kitten. Fortunately the kind man ran into the road and snatched the kitten up before the car could hit it. The kitten was immediately rushed to our vet clinic. By a miracle the kitten sustained no broken bones. Unfortunately, either due to being hit or struggling to survive the kitten tore the nerve in his front leg and it is now useless. The veterinarian stated there is a 25% chance the nerve can regenerate and the kitten would be able to walk on the leg again. Otherwise his front leg will have to be amputated. We are going to give the kitten a chance to see if his leg heals, but if it is not able to heal we will have to remove the leg. Simon
Gumbo was thrown outside when he became infested with fleas. Apparently his family thought the sun would cure the flea infestation. When it didn't he was surrendered to animal control in Shreveport, LA. He had lost almost all of his hair and will need lots of tender love and care. His lack of hair and the burning Louisiana sun caused him to have a third degree sunburn. Due to his condition he was going to be euthanized. His only hope was for a rescue to take him. APAWS stepped up to the plate and will nurse him back to health. Gumbo

We hope you and your family have a safe and happy Halloween! Please remember to keep an extra eye on your pets during Halloween.