October 2010

October is synonymous with Halloween. Please remember to keep your pets safe during this holiday. Both dogs and cats may be scared by trick or treaters coming to the house. They may also try to run out the door when it is opening and closing frequently. If your pet is timid or frequently bolts out of your house you may want to secure them in a bedroom while you are handing out candy. Unfortunately this is also a time when people sacfrice cats, especially black and white cats. Make sure your kitties stay safe!

Getting the word out about rescue animals

You already know how wonderful rescue animals are, but many people still feel they must go to a breeder or pet store to get a healthy, good tempered animal. We would like to spread the message about rescue animals and APAWS adoptions to as many people as possible. If your church or place of employment has a newsletter that would offer us free space please let us know!

Upcoming Howl-o-weenie Hot Dog Sale & Give-a-Treat Pet Food Drive

Please join us at the Books A Million next to the PetSmart off of Siegen on October 30th for a Howl-o-weenie sale! Buy a hot dog and support APAWS! This is a great opportunity to dress your dog up and show their costume off while supporting APAWS. We will also have a pet food drive at Books A Million and inside PetSmart. Our wishlist is here! If you would like a receipt for your taxes please make sure you fill out a form when dropping off your donation.

Garage Sale

Our garage sale has been postponed until November, please watch our website and Facebook for updated information. We already have great items donated including several nice pieces of furniture. If you have some items around the house in good condition you would like to donate please let us know! We also need volunteers to help with the garage sale. If you are interested please email Jeanette our fundraising chair and let her know.

Low Cost Spay and Neuter

Unfortunately, right now in Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes there are many more companion animals than homes available. APAWS and other rescues are working very hard to reduce the number of animals killed in shelters. Sometimes this seems like an overwhelming task because more and more litters continue to be born. The only way to reduce the number of litters born is to spay and neuter all dogs and cats currently kept as pets.

Almost everyone knows someone who has a dog or cat who is fertile. There are many different reasons they have left their animal fertile, but usually it all comes back to money. Either they don't have the ability to pay for the spay/neuter or they don't want to pay the cost of the surgery. Baton Rouge now has an excellent resource offering low cost spay/neuter. The Baton Rouge Spay Neuter Clinic (BRSN) - http://brsn.org is an excellent resource for you to share with anyone who needs access to low cost spay/neuter. This is a spay/neuter clinic only. They not only service East Baton Rouge, but also surrounding parishes.

Please share this excellent resource with anyone you know who needs this service. BRSN can be reached at (225) 218-1296 or on their website - http://brsn.org

If you have already gotten your pet spayed or neutered – Thank you! You are helping to prevent future unwanted animals.