APAWS also takes in small animals. We believe all animals deserve a chance at a happy home, not just cats and dogs!

Adoption Process

  1. Select the small animal you would like to add to your family.
  2. Fill out the Small Animal Adoption Application.
  3. An APAWS adoption conselor will review your application. During this time your references, including your vet reference, will be checked. This process rarely takes more than a couple days.
  4. Your adoption conselor will bring the small animal to your home and the adoption contract will be filled out and signed. At this time you will pay the adoption fee.
  5. Give your new friend lots of love! APAWS is available throughout the small animal's life to answer any questions you may have.

APAWS charges an adoption fee to help offset the care provided to the animal prior to adoption. The adoption fee, subject to change, is $25.00. If you would like the cage the animal has been living in a donation of $30 is required.

Most of our available small animals can be found on petfinder. Please use the tool below to find your perfect companion.

Once you find a small animal please fill out our online application to expedite the adoption process.

Updated August 26, 2011