Our Supporters

We rely on public support to allow us to rescue animals in the Baton Rouge area. Listed below are our supporters. We do not want to list anyone who would like to remain anonymous. If you would like your name removed, or if we have accidently left your name off of the list please email our treasurer.

  Goods/Services Supporters
    Amy Shutt Photography Amy Shutt Photography - Amy takes photos of our adoptable pets! She is very patient and does an excellent job bringing out the personality of each pet. Her excellent photos bring our animals more exposure on!
    Peregrine Peregrine Corporation - Peregrine has donated both contracts and Tshirt printing to APAWS. Their support has made it possible for us to spend money on our animals instead of paperwork!
    PetSmart Charities PetSmart Charities - PetSmart Charities donates $15 to APAWS for each animal adopted through their stores. They have also provided grants to us allowing us to help more animals!
    PetSmart Charities Smooch My Pooch - Smooch my pooch is a doggie daycare, salon and boutique located in Central. They have helped us with grooming some of our dogs to make them adoption ready! Please support this rescue friendly business.
Financial Supporters
$1,000 & up Benefactor aka "Mastiff/Persian"
    Robert Braquet, DVM  
    Adam Weems  
$500.00 - $999.00 Sustainer aka "Retriever/Ragdoll"
    Yvette LaBauve
    Kevin Tate
$250.00 - $499.00 Patron aka "Setter/Siamese"
    The Bulldog
$100.00 - $249.00 Contributor aka "Beagle/Bengal"
    In honor of Heather Alfinito
    In memory of David Amoroso
    Aimee DeAngelo
    In memory of Duchess
    Jessica Dwyer
    Mary Lee Eggart
    Elizabeth Frost
    Jeffrey Gilbert
    Matthew Hagen
    Norbert Koch
    Gretta Lynn
    Susan Marvin
    Sherry Morton
    Sherie Muslow
    Mignonne Pearson
    Stacie Sanders
    Jeff Schunneman
    Karen Simmons
    Shane Stadler
    John Stevens
    Alicesen Ugalde
$50.00 - $99.00 Supporter aka "Spaniel /Russian Blue"
    Louise Bass
    Janelle Bergeron
    Gregg Byers
    Cheryl Comeaux
    Philip DiStefano
    Beverly Frentress
    Full Circle Courier Services
    Jordan John
    Gerald & Deborah Lagneaux
    Cindy Malcolm
    David Roberts
    Patricia Saucier
    Melanie Tharp
    Trisha Tunis
    Sandra Woodward
    Denise Wall
$1.00 - $49.00 Donor aka "Maltese/American Shorthair"
    Susan Aronson
    Sabrina Barber
    Marlo Bayham
    Alexandra Bessell
    Tracy Bridges
    Betty Brousseau
    Angela Bujanda
    Cheryl Compton
    Kara Cooper
    Marianne Covington
    Andrew and Kathy Daigle
    William Dannenberg
    Hezzie Davis
    Sandra Deufel
    Erin Duncan
    Joyce Eiriksson
    Loretta El Hassan
    Maria Fernandez
    Elizabeth Frost
    Gwen Gillis
    Caroline Grace
    Catherine Grant
    Dede Grant
    Jamie Guidry
    Sarah Hains
    Dwayne Hebert
    Hotard Rentals
    Ronald Jackson
    Ito B Kanazawa
    Iris Kimble
    Tammy Kovaly
    Michael Kowalski
    Anthony Lindsey
    Jeanne Renee Pitre
    Rebecca Prince
    Amy McCormick
    Dondi McNulty
    Tiffany Marquiss
    Misty Millet
    Katie Mistretta
    Charles Mock
    Paula Modicut
    Peter Montero
    In memory of Bonnie Owens
    Dana Reed
    Mandy Rhodes
    Amber Ruiz
    Stacie Sanders
    Fiona Schloulce
    Steve Schmidt
    Jill Sellers
    Angela Smith
    Yvette Spears
    Angelle Stringer
    Glenn Templet
    Carol Thomas
    Amy Traylor
    Amanda Walker
    Elaine Williams
    Karen Wood
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2012 Supporters
2011 Supporters
2010 Supporters
2009 Supporters

Updated January 2, 2015