Our Supporters

We rely on public support to allow us to rescue animals in the Baton Rouge area. Listed below are our supporters. We do not want to list anyone who would like to remain anonymous. If you would like your name removed, or if we have accidently left your name off of the list please email our treasurer.

  Goods/Services Supporters
    Amy Shutt Photography Amy Shutt Photography - Amy takes photos of our adoptable pets! She is very patient and does an excellent job bringing out the personality of each pet. Her excellent photos bring our animals more exposure on!
    Peregrine Peregrine Corporation - Peregrine has donated both contracts and Tshirt printing to APAWS. Their support has made it possible for us to spend money on our animals instead of paperwork!
    PetSmart Charities PetSmart Charities - PetSmart Charities donates $15 to APAWS for each animal adopted through their stores. They have also provided grants to us allowing us to help more animals!
    PetSmart Charities Smooch My Pooch - Smooch my pooch is a doggie daycare, salon and boutique located in Central. They have helped us with grooming some of our dogs to make them adoption ready! Please support this rescue friendly business.
Financial Supporters
     $1,000 & up Benefactor aka ''Mastiff/Persian''
     Beta Sigma Phi City Council of Baton Rouge

     $500.00 - $999.00 Sustainer aka ''Retriever/Ragdoll''
     Errol Friedman
     Michelle Hoppe
     Kevin Tate

     $250.00 - $499.00 Patron aka ''Setter/Siamese''
     Ryan Foundation
     Claudia Adley
     Jamie Love
     Gretta Lynn
     Mary Manheim
     Shawn Munro
     Danielle Waltzer

     $100.00 - $249.00 Contributor aka ''Beagle/Bengal''
     Hajoca Corporation
     Girl Scout Troop 10399
     In memory of Michael G Smith
     Timbuktu Trading Co.
     In memory of Mike Smith
     Joseph Albert
     Karen Alfinito
     Judith Atkinson
     Rachel Brunet
     Kara Cooper
     Amy Curry
     Cameron DeBardeleben
     Tara Dillon
     Mary Lee Eggart
     Courtney Freeman
     Antonio Gargano
     Matt Hency
     Allison Kenny
     Laura Kramm
     Claire Lancz
     Paeton Landry
     Lisa Lavery
     Howard Levinson
     Kevin Linhart
     Michael Myers
     Jason Waligura
     Stephanie Waligura
     Elma Walker
     Robin Wright
     Susan Zoller

     $50.00 - $99.00 Supporter aka ''Spaniel /Russian Blue''
     In memory of Michael's Grandpa
     Baton Rouge Blues Foundation
     Kevin Bridwell
     Stacey Cacicia
     Crisi Deoteris
     Chelsea Elliott
     Adele Florendo
     Alisha Gaubert
     John Gravitt
     Ilene Johnson
     Paula Modicut
     Misty Peck
     Margaret Roubique
     Steve Schmidt
     Ambior Sidney
     Danielle Soffa
     Stephenie Thiery
     Christy Thomas
     Michelle Vannoy
     Joseph Wolfermann

     $1.00 - $49.00 Donor aka ''Maltese/American Shorthair''
     In Honor of Kara's Birthday
     American Rose Transportation
     In Honor of RosiePosie
     Ann Abbott
     Diane Altazin
     Kim Beasley
     Jeannie Bordelon
     Kioka Broussard
     Katherine Burns
     Julie Campbell
     Carol Castille
     Gregory Conn
     Rhonda Cooper
     Marianne Covington
     Daya Cozzolino
     Vanessa Cruz
     G W Doner
     Caroline Downer
     Michele Dukaric
     Amanda Duke
     Savannah Estenson
     Michele Flesch
     Diane Fraser
     Elizabeth Garnes
     Sarah Guarisco
     Mona Hanson
     Nicola Hart
     Shana Honeyman
     Isabel Huizen
     Kristen Hursey
     Paige Hyatt
     Autumn Keen
     Amanda Keith
     Susan Lambert
     Angela Ledoux
     Angelle Ledoux
     Kelly Lombard
     Tianna Malfetti
     Monica Menjivar
     Meaghan Musso
     Ariana Nieves
     Ramona Nunez
     Tasha Owen
     Richard Pearce
     Vanessa Putt
     Victoria Riggle
     Kaitlin Santos
     Diona Scala
     Connie Scoggins
     Karen Terrebonne
     Kyle Watson
     Melissa Weaver
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Updated January 29, 2015