APAWS Financials

In our effort to provide the animals we rescue with the best care possible we frequently run in the red. Thankfully our vets are very understanding and allow us to pay over time. Our adoption fee only covers a small portion of the overall vet care we provide. We rely solely on donations in order to fund our rescue efforts.

Account Charges
 Most Recent Charge     Current Amount Owed
24PetWatch (microchips)06/02/2017$437.26$0.00
Animal Ark Pet Clinic04/26/2017$115.00$0.00
Animal Care Center of Gonzales04/30/2016$23.47$0.00
Baton Rouge Pet Emergency08/31/2016$304.00$0.00
Baton Rouge Veterinary Specialists03/15/2017$45.75$0.00
Bluebonnet Veterinary Hospital12/31/2015$0.00
Central Animal Hospital12/15/2016$63.20$0.00
Cypress Lake07/13/2017$149.94$0.00
Garden District Animal Hospital06/30/2016$47.50$0.00
Jefferson Animal Hospital12/31/2015$0.00
LSU Vet School12/31/2015$0.00
Michelles Kozy Kennels12/31/2015$10,000.00$9,700.00
Old Hammond Veterinary Clinic (Cat)07/31/2017$1.50$-38.50
Old Hammond Veterinary Clinic (Dog)08/05/2017$143.83$0.00
Sherwood South Animal Hospital09/30/2016$40.63$0.00
White Oak Animal Hospital03/16/2017$36.44$0.00
Account Payments
 Most Recent PaymentYear to Date2016
24PetWatch (microchips)06/07/2017$442.11$680.14$1,118.27
Animal Ark Pet Clinic05/19/2017$288.00$683.00$575.15
Animal Care Center of Gonzales07/16/2016$23.47$264.12
Baton Rouge Pet Emergency10/27/2016$287.00$2,257.43
Baton Rouge Veterinary Specialists03/20/2017$163.50$163.50$2,854.24
Bluebonnet Veterinary Hospital12/31/2014$984.00
Central Animal Hospital01/28/2017$344.70$344.70$637.08
Cypress Lake07/21/2017$149.94$149.94$230.11
Garden District Animal Hospital10/27/2016$29.35$194.72
LSU Vet School05/26/2015$95.00
Michelles Kozy Kennels10/27/2016$100.00$300.00
Old Hammond Veterinary Clinic (Cat)08/09/2017$300.92$3,477.87$3,290.05
Old Hammond Veterinary Clinic (Dog)08/11/2017$1,815.28$11,633.46$15,755.66
Sherwood South Animal Hospital10/27/2016$495.63$2,528.84
White Oak Animal Hospital06/02/2017$68.04$186.85
Please note this list only includes the payments to our regular creditors. It does not include spay/neuter vouchers paid to clinics who we usually do not work with, phone bill payments, etc. If you have any questions regarding our finances please contact our treasurer.

Financial Summary Reports
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