Brady Beagle

Brady We were contacted by one of our vets about a special needs case and we just couldn't say no.  Beagle pup is 4 months old and was brought into one of the vets we work with to be put down.  He had sustained a severe eye injury and his owners couldn't afford to fix it and he was in tremendous pain.  The vet called us and we couldn't let this little man be put down but we also couldn't allow him to continue to suffer.  Based on the recommendation from the vet, his eye was removed and he's no longer in pain.  His foster mom picked him up after his surgery and he went home to recover and start his new life as a happy puppy.  He'll be available for adoption on St. Patrick's Day at the Petsmart on Siegen.  We decided to name him Brady Beagle (Brady means "spirited" and "one with broad eyes" in Irish).  Please consider clicking on the link below to donate to Brady Beagle's medical bills.  Every little bit helps!  We truly appreciate everyone's support and YOU are the reason we're able to continue to do what we do!

Donate towards Brady's vet bill