June 2013 Update - After multiple vet consultations it was determined Julius will have neurological problems for life. He deserves stability and a forever home. He gets very stressed during adoption day and isn't getting any adopter interest on We applied to send him to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah as part of their sanctuary. He was accepted and will be traveling to Best Friends with APAWS volunteers July 11th. We need to raise approximately $1200 to get him to Utah.

If you would like to donate please donate through or Crowdrise. Please note there are fees associated with both Crowdrise and A $10 donation made on Crowdrise will result in APAWS receiving $8.50. A $10 donation made through Paypal will result in APAWS receiving $9.38.Julius

We were contacted by a woman needing help placing a dog, Julius. She found Julius as a young puppy and cared for him for about a year. He has a few quirks which made caring for him while working two jobs too much for her to handle. Julius turns in circles, has difficulty walking in a straight line and can't take treats from his right side. Luckily, Julius doesn't seem to know anything is wrong! He is not in any pain and doesn't seem as concerned with his problems as everyone else.

Julius has obvious neurological problems, but the root cause of those problems is a mystery. The list of possible causes is very long. First the vet took x-rays of his skull to see if there was any trauma or deformities of the skull. The x-rays showed a normal skull, but the vet did notice when under anesthesia his right eye did not face the same way as his left. This further indicates a neurological problem. The next step is a MRI at LSU. We are trying to raise money to have this test done. We hope the MRI will show what is causing Julius's problems and give us a hint on how to help him.