LucyUpdate November 22nd - Lucy is doing absolutely wonderful! She is playing like a normal kitten and doesn't seem to have any permanent damage. She will be having her re-check appointment Monday the 28th.

Update November 16th - Lucy is doing excellent this morning! The vet reported this morning she is almost back to normal. It appears the bulk of her issues were due to inflammation. She is walking and eating. She does have decreased reflexes on her right side. We think she still has some vision problems in her right eye. The vet said she may be able to fully recover and if she keeps doing as well as she is now, she can go home today!

Update November 15th - Lucy is doing much better today. She seems to have vision in her left eye, no vision in her right eye yet. She isn't very ambulatory, but they aren't sure if she is not moving much because she can't or because she is showing cat attitude. She isn't showing much interest in food, but that could be due to the medications she is on. They are planning on doing another head x-ray tomorrow to see if there are any fractures to her jaw. This little girl is definitely a fighter!

Lucy is a short hair, black and white 10 - 12 week old kitten. She was found by one of our volunteers at the end of her driveway the evening of Sunday, November 13th. She thought the kitten had been hit by a car, because the kitten was in obvious pain with blood coming from her left eye and ear. She brought Lucy to the Baton Rouge Pet Emergency Clinic where we authorize any needed treatment. The emergency vet determined Lucy's brain was swollen causing blindness, loss of coordination and lots of pain. Medications were administered to reduce the swelling of her brain and ease her pain.

She was kept stable overnight and transferred Monday morning to Sherwood South Animal Hospital. Her vet at Sherwood South agree with the diagnosis of the emergency vet. The vet also believes Lucy wasn't hit by a car because there was no injuries to any body part other than her head. The vet believes someone threw this kitten from a car and she landed on her head. She will be hospitalized for several days. There is no way to know what lasting damage she will have.

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