OliverOliver was found abandoned in a backyard after 5 days of no food or water. It was cold and rainy that day and one of our volunteers heard him crying. OliverShe scooped him up and immediately took him to the vet. He was missing all of his hair except the hair on his head and he was covered in scabs and fleas. The vet initially thought he had scabies, but it was later determined to be bacterial folliculitus. It's obvious that he's been neglected and mistreated by the way he cowers as soon as a hand is raised to pet him. He was on antibiotics for 2 weeks and now his hair is starting to grow back along with his trust for humans. It's going to take sine time for him to heal physically and mentally but he will. He's already letting his personality come out and has become best friends with Chipper (another foster dog that was starved for affection). He's learning what it's like to be loved and all he wants is a warm lap to sit in.