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Update December 13, 2012 - Sophie came through the surgery with flying colors! She was able to go home the day after surgery. The excellent vet care received prior to surgery made it very easy for the surgeon to repair the break. She should have a full recovery!

Update December 10, 2012 - Sophie is having her surgery today! The vet graciously reduced the normal fee for this surgery to $850. We are all hoping for the best outcome for this little girl.

Sophie's mom was rescued by a nice lady. She couldn't find mom's owners and was in the process of trying to find mom a home. Just a few days after being found mom gave birth to a litter lab mix puppies. The woman who found mom gave her a safe place to care for her puppies until they were old enough to be adopted. While waiting for them to be old enough she contacted APAWS for assistance. We agreed to assist her in finding adopters while she fostered. Some of the puppies have been adopted, the others are now waiting for their forever homes.

Sophie and her brothers and sisters were left inside while their foster mom went to work Tuesday, December 4th. While she was at work, the puppies decided the sofabed looked like a great chew toy. When their foster mom got home she saw the sofa in pieces, then she saw Sophie. Sophie wasn't running with her brothers and sisters and seemed to be in pain when her leg was touched. Her foster mom thinks she injured her leg while they were taking apart the sofa.

She was brought to the vet, but they could not do an x-ray at that time. She was given pain medication and her leg was wrapped to keep it from moving. Today she was brought to a different vet and the x-ray was done. The x-ray showed a break through the growth plate. Unfortunately, this type of injury requires surgery done by an orthopedist. We are trying now to get an appointment with an orthopedist. Sophie was given more pain medication and a new splint. Sophie is only 14 weeks old and needs surgery as soon as possible!

We don't have an estimate yet, but since the expected treatment is surgery with pins placed in the leg we are certain it will be expensive. Please donate to Sophie's care!