BradyWe were contacted by one of our vets about a special needs case and we just couldn't say no.  Beagle pup is 4 months old and was brought into one of the vets we work with to be put down.  He had sustained a severe eye injury and his owners couldn't afford to fix it and he was in tremendous pain.  The vet called us and we couldn't let this little man be put down but we also couldn't allow him to continue to suffer.  Based on the recommendation from the vet, his eye was removed and he's no longer in pain.  His foster mom picked him up after his surgery and he went home to recover and start his new life as a happy puppy.  He'll be available for adoption on St. Patrick's Day at the Petsmart on Siegen.  We decided to name him Brady Beagle (Brady means "spirited" and "one with broad eyes" in Irish).  Please consider clicking on the link below to donate to Brady Beagle's medical bills.  Every little bit helps!  We truly appreciate everyone's support and YOU are the reason we're able to continue to do what we do!

Donate towards Brady's vet bill

Caesar - DSH Grey Tabby

One of our volunteers noticed a grey tabby in her neighborhood. He didn't come up to her and appeared well fed and healthy. Since most of her neighbors let their cats outside she figured he was an owned cat allowed to wander the neighborhood. After a year of seeing him on and off, he approached her one evening crying. His coat was rough and he had lost a lot of weight. She got him some food and he came right to her allowing her to pick him up. Many people leave their pets when they move to a new home assuming the pet will be able to 'fend for themself.' A statement that is very untrue for our domesticated animals. She brought him in and set him up in a crate, it is APAWS policy to separate new animals until vet care is received. She was able to secure the first available appointment for his checkup and neuter after the hold was up to make sure he didn't still have a family.

On the day of his appointment the vet called for authorization to perform further surgery. Caesar had been shot with a pellet gun in his side and the pellet needed to be removed. We can only speculate what this guy has been through, but it certainly wasn't good. He is a young cat, most likely around two years. In his short life he has been abandoned, shot and starved. He is now in the care of his foster mom as he gains weight and recovers from his surgery. He seems very happy to know that getting food is a daily occurance along with lots of cuddles and kisses. He is incredibly sweet and will make a great feline addition to any home.

Caesar looking for loves
After the surgery to remove the pellet
The pellet taken out of Caesar

ChloeAPAWS was contacted by a volunteer with Houma animal control about a very cute miniature dachshund who was to be turned into animal control. They Chloeasked that APAWS take her so she did not have to go to animal control and most likely be euthanized. Initially we were told the family purchased the dog for their children and the children were no longer taking care of her. We were trying to arrange a foster home and vet visit when we found out the story was much worse than previously thought.

Chloe had fleas and her family decided the best way to get rid of them was to put her outside for the sun to bake them off. When that didn't work they decided to pour insecticide down her back. She is currently suffering from a severe sun burn and a very severe chemical burn where the insecticide came in contact with her skin.

Chloe is safe now in a foster home. She is very shy, but seems to be warming up quickly.

OliverOliver was found abandoned in a backyard after 5 days of no food or water. It was cold and rainy that day and one of our volunteers heard him crying. OliverShe scooped him up and immediately took him to the vet. He was missing all of his hair except the hair on his head and he was covered in scabs and fleas. The vet initially thought he had scabies, but it was later determined to be bacterial folliculitus. It's obvious that he's been neglected and mistreated by the way he cowers as soon as a hand is raised to pet him. He was on antibiotics for 2 weeks and now his hair is starting to grow back along with his trust for humans. It's going to take sine time for him to heal physically and mentally but he will. He's already letting his personality come out and has become best friends with Chipper (another foster dog that was starved for affection). He's learning what it's like to be loved and all he wants is a warm lap to sit in.


Update - September 14, 2012

Sammy did well during surgery! The vet determined both his leg and his hip were broken. They repaired his injuries and as you can see from these pictures Sammy is very happy to be feeling good again! His vet says he should be fine. His new foster dad reports that Sammy has not had one accident in the house and is very sweet!

sammy   sammy

sammy Sammy is a six month old yellow lab mix. He ran into the street in Clinton, LA and was hit by a car. The driver contacted APAWS for help. She tried to sammyavoid hitting the puppy, but just couldn't react fast enough. She found his owner by getting a local vet to look up his rabies tag, but the owner said they gave him away to the guy down the street. The lady contacted Sammy's new owner, but the man didn't want to take him back because of his injuries. The woman paid for Sammy's initial vet care, but couldn't afford the whole treatment.  She could not bring him home because she has a dog who requires constant care and cannot be exposed to any other dogs. We are very happy she tried to help Sammy and didn't just leave him on the side of the road.

We transferred Sammy to Sherwood South Animal Hospital where they aren't sure if Sammy's leg or hip is broken, but will perform surgery to determine exactly what is going on and to repair the injury.  Sherwood South has excellent orthopedic vets - Sammy is in the best hands! His prognosis is very good.

He will need to be in foster care for several weeks to several months to allow his injury to heal. We are estimating his vet care to be over $1,000. If you would like to donate for Sammy please do so here!

Sissy - Adopted 2011, Whiskers - Adopted 2011 & Blackie AKA Spuds - Adopted April, 2012

KyraThese precious pups were rescued from a woman who had many more animals Kyrathan she could possible care for. APAWS and several local rescue groups agreed to help when contacted by one of the reality Hoarding shows. The show and all rescues involved did an excellent job getting everyone to safety!

These pups are about four and a half months old and spent those months in a closet. They experienced their first steps on grass and walking on a leash for the first time with our volunteers. They are still a little timid, but seem to be adjusting quickly to their new lives. They are currently available for adoption and are sure to make excellent additions to their new families.

Animal hoarding is a topic that has gathered a lot of attention in recent years. It is easy to place blame on the individuals keeping more animals than they can handle, but it is a mental disorder. Most people who end up hoarding animals start out with the best intentions. They start by picking up strays on the side of the road, always being the person to take unwanted animals from friends/family or have strays dumped in their yard by strangers. The number of animals quickly Kyrabecome more than they can handle physically, emotionally or financially. They can't afford getting them spayed/neutered so they end up with an unending supply of new animals. Everyone can help prevent future cases like this. Spread the word about low-cost and free spay/neuter programs. Educate others on the hazards of puppy mills and how awesome rescue animals are! Tell your friends and family that it isn't necessary for a cat or dog to have even one litter! If you feel a friend or family member may have a problem saying no to just one more cat or dog please assist them in finding psychological help.

Timmy - DSH Tuxedo

October 15, 2009 Update - His cast has been removed! He is having trouble walking on his rear leg because he is so used to walking with a cast. He may never be able to fully use his rear leg, but he is very sweet and loving!

September 24, 2009 Update - Timmy had his splint changed today. He only has two more splint changes and is doing extremely well. He is ready for the splint to be removed! He is extremely active and the splint is interfering with climbing the curtains.

Timmy was brought to a vet office after being hit by a car. Unfortunately the vet office didn't have the available room to house Timmy until Timmyhis injuries would heal. They contact APAWS to see if we could help, if we couldn't take Timmy in they were going to call animal control. Approximately 98% of all cats going into the East Baton Rouge Parish animal control are euthanised. Sick and injured animals are euthanised as soon as the stray hold is over (or immediately if they are an owner surrender). Knowing the fate that awaited him at animal control we decided to take him into our group. His leg is severely broken, but he doesn't appear to have any other injuries. He is in a foster home and receiving splint changes weekly. He is a very sweet boy who only wants to give loves and play.


Updated January 30, 2013