APAWS tries to help all animals in need, regardless of their injuries. Unfortunately, special needs animals require more time and resources than healthy animals. Our group has made a commitment to helping any special needs animal we can.

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Special Needs Animals adopted in 2014
Annabelle was found by an APAWS volunteer Saturday, March 22nd. She was holding her back leg up and was obviously in pain. It took a little while, but our volunteer was able to gain her trust. We immediately brought her to the Baton Rouge Pet Emergency clinic to find out how extensive her injuries were. We found out her femur was broken, but no other injuries were found. The break required surgery in order to repair it. The vet gave her medication for pain and put her on crate rest until the surgery could be performed.

Wednesday, March 26th the surgery to repair her leg was performed at Bluebonnet Veterinary Hospital. Once the vet began the surgery, he realized the break was about two weeks older than previously thought. This made the surgery more difficult for the vet and more painful for Annabelle. The vet also found buckshot in her hip and backside. The vet was not able to get the buckshot out because she couldn't be under anesthesia any longer. She is now resting comfortably in her foster home. It will take a while for her leg to fully heal, but she is expected to fully recover.

We anticipate the cost of the emergency vet visit and the surgery to be approximately $1,500. Both clinics gave us a considerable discount and are working with us on payment. We would like to pay them as soon as possible. If you would like to donate for Annabelle's care, please use this link: Donate for Annabelle!



Gretel is an older poodle mix who was surrendered to the local animal shelter by her owners.  When she was surrendered the animal shelter discovered a four inch gash to the bone on her back.  Apparently she has never had much love in her long life.  APAWS rescued her to give her a shot at finding her forever home where she will be loved and cared for as a member of the family. She is currently undergoing medical treatment for her injuries and will be available for adoption once she is fully recovered. We expect her recovery to take several weeks.
Lena is an eight year old Chinese Crested who was left outside in the elements all of her life.  The Chinese Crested breed is a hairless breed with only a tuft of hair on their head, paws and tail.  Hairless breeds should not be left outside because they have no natural protection from the sun, rain and cold.  Her owners finally relinquished her to a local rescue when her skin became very infected from being outside and they could not afford to treat her.  The rescue transferred her to APAWS so we can find her a forever home.  She received medical treatment for her skin infection and is currently available for adoption.

SiriusTee is a truly amazing mom! She and her two week old kittens were found by one of our foster dogs. Her and her kittens were rescued by APAWS. Tea had large wounds on her hip and abdomen. She was immediately brought to the vet who estimated the wounds to be 3 to 4 weeks old. Based on the age of the injury and the type of injury we suspect she was hit by a car and drug while pregnant.

This amazing mom cared for her kittens while tending to her extensive injuries. We estimated her to be around six months old when she was found. She was just a kitten herself caring for a litter of kittens. It is truly amazing that she didn't give up on her babies and we are proud we can help her!

Zeus was found by a very kind woman.  He is approximately a year old pit mix.  He has one of the worst skin infections seen by the vet, demodex and a staph infection.  He will be on antibiotics for at least 6 weeks

Updated January 10, 2015